Outbreak of Diseases As A Result of Immigration Crisis


Concerns of a disease epidemic are rising across the United States as floods of illegal immigrants cross the Mexican-American border. As many as 60,000 immigrants have cross the border illegally in the past nine months, more than doubling the total of last year. 

While border patrol agents say most immigrants seem healthy enough, there is more than meets the eye. According to an agent that spoke with FoxNews.com, “appearances are deceiving” and many of these children are infected with scabies, lice, and other serious illnesses. 

While Border Patrol agents work fervently intercepting illegal immigrants at the border and inspecting them for health issues, many immigrants are able to sneak by undetected. Even further, understaffed border patrols mean that some immigrants who are intercepted are not inspected for health problems at all. Typically, a thorough screening is conducted, but because of the incredible surge of people crossing the border, these exams cannot be successfully carried out. 

These immigrants are being contained in large warehouse, giving lice, scabies, tuberculosis, and other reported diseases the opportunity to flourish and spread. The problem continues to expand throughout the country as immigrants are transported to multiple states around the country, spreading the diseases further.


Cramped quarters in an illegal immigrant holding facility. From: http://www.frugal-cafe.com

This potentially bad situation could turn serious come September when schools start and undetected illnesses begin infecting American children, teachers, and their families. 

We’ll keep you updated as more information comes in. 

-Political Rush



One thought on “Outbreak of Diseases As A Result of Immigration Crisis

  1. I hate to think about what is going to happen when these illegals start attending school! The Obama regime has put its political agenda ahead of the health and welfare of the American people.


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