The Immigration Crisis Continues


Children and families continues to flood across the Mexican-American border this week.Almost 60,000 people have crossed the border in the past nine months, causing many problems in multiple states across the country and sparking a national debate about immigration reform. This number is more than double last year’s total.

Many of these illegal immigrants–some admit to traveling for months and spending their entire life’s savings to get here–are unaccompanied children who are escaping the dangerous countries of Central America. Believing once they cross the border they will be allowed to stay permantley, they risk their lives swimming across the Rio Grande on lifejackets or rafts or being smuggled across by “coyotes”.


Potential illegal immigrants on the “Beast Train.” From:

Though President Obama has stated that many will be returned to their country of origin, many of these immigrants have been transferred to military bases and shelters around the country. Slowly, these people are released from federal control over to their families already living in the U.S. or to private organizations until the date of their hearing.

Innocent families and children are not the only ones crossing the border illegally. With a majority of border patrol agents focusing their attention on paperwork and the endless flood of children crossing the border, drug cartels, coyotes, and other criminal organizations continue to smuggle illegal drugs and weapons into America.

We’ll keep you up to date on the immigration crisis as new information comes.

-Political Rush


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