Texas Gov.Rick Perry Deploys Nation Guard To TX-Mexico Border.


You may be familiar with Texas Governor Rick Perry if you followed the 2012 Presidential Election, as Perry was, at one time, a front-runner for the Republican nomination.


Governor of Texas, Rick Perry. From: blogs.desmoinesregister.com

Governor of Texas, Rick Perry. From: blogs.desmoinesregister.com

Perry is making the news once again today as he revealed plans to deploy the National Guard to the border. Over the next month, up to 1,000 troops will be deployed to the border in response to the recent Immigration Crisis. As commander in chief of Texas military forces, Perry is within his power to deploy the National Guard. This does mean, however, that Texas–not the federal government–will be responsible for the $12 million dollar a month operation. 

Perry has been the most vocal critic of Obama and the federal government’s response to the crisis at the border. Perry has made multiple requests for federal assistance at the border, where over 57,000 families and children have illegally crossed the border. Both President Bush and President Obama have previously deployed the national guard to the border.

White House Spokesman Josh Earnest disagrees with Perry’s plan. He said, “It seems to me that a much more powerful symbol would be the bipartisan passage of legislation that would actually make a historic investment in border security and send an additional 20,000 personnel to the border.” Earnest also stated that the White House has not received the “formal communication” that typically accompanies such deployments. 

We’ll keep you updated. 

-Political Rush



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