OPINION: President Obama Lacking Leadership in Time of Global Crisis


One would think that during a time when the world is seeing crisis after crisis, that the Leader of the Free World, the President of the United States, would be standing strong and promoting peace. Unfortunately, the American president seems to be avoiding these escalating situations in multiple countries across the globe.

Obama eats at a burger joint moments after learnign about Malaysia Flight 17 crash.  From: www.bizpacreview.com

Obama eats at a burger joint moments after learnign about Malaysia Flight 17 crash.
From: http://www.bizpacreview.com

Instead, the President has spent the last two weeks going from coast to coast raising money for the Democratic party. Last week President Obama attended a fundraiser in New York. While the rest of the world was focused on the shoot down of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17, President Obama was all smiles as he enjoyed a nice meal at a local burger joint. Then, that Sunday, he played a round of golf. He did comment on the crush publicly, but only for about 40 seconds, and not enough to calm the nerves of the people he is meant to be leading.

This week, he is attending three more fundraisers on the west coast. He’ll start in Seattle, and then more to San Francisco. Ultimately, he’ll conclude the busy three day fundraising spree in Los Angeles. I’ll give him credit: he did cancel his Jimmy Kimmel appearance. He seems to be acting like a celebrity, going from event to event promoting himself.

It would have been appropriate for President Obama to reschedule these fundraisers. As the Russian-Ukrainian crisis escalates and the Israeli-Hamas feud roars stronger, America needs its leader.


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