BREAKING: Israel and Hamas Agree to a 72-Hour Ceasefire


Both Israel and Hamas have agreed to a 72 hour humanitarian ceasefire on Thursday, according to the United Nations and the United States. This temporary humanitarian ceasefire, which starts tomorrow, will give the citizens of Gaza the opportunity to leave their homes to obtain more food, water, money, and other necessities.

The conflict does not seem to be ending any time soon, despite this temporary ceasefire. Hamas has repeatedly rejected past ceasefire agreement, while Israel has accepted all of them.

The death toll of the current crisis is rising daily. Over 1,400 Palestinians have died so far; 59 Israelis. As you can see, the death toll in Gaza is far higher than Israel. Israel has continued to bomb shelters, hospitals, schools, and citizen’s homes. Many have unfairly criticized Israel for  bombing these populated areas, however, these are the areas Hamas has placed their rockets and important people. There are also Hamas tunnels that are built in these populated areas. Israel is determined to destroy these tunnels and stop the Hamas coalition from continuing to fire rockets into Israel. 

A Man Observes the Destruction in Gaza City

A Man Observes the Destruction in Gaza City

No word yet on if Hamas will actually stay committed to this ceasefire. We’ll keep you updated.  

-Political Rush



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